Generational Wealth Building App
"Roadmap To Freedom"
How It Works
  1. Download The Roadmap to Freedom app from app store to your mobile device, laptop and or desktop computer.
  2. Once installed on your device, you must register your app so you will earn tokens each time you use the app to make your purchases.
  3. Registering your app is very Safe, simple and easy.
  4. The most important info requested is your email, Simply because that is what's used by Us to track your purchases and reward your loyalty tokens.
  5. Each day, your app will be updated to reflect the total tokens you own.
  6. Plus, each day, your daily, weekly and monthly tokens are tracked and reflected on your app.
  7. Plus, each day, Each Week and each month You Will Be Able to earn even more In house Loyalty Bonus tokens. (More Details to follow Soon)
  8. This is not rocket science ... but can be amazingly effective If done correctly.
  9. This little app can change the Economic Trajectory for black people In America ... Much like Uber, Lyft & Door dash did for others.
  10. There are a number of features we plan to add to the app. However, until we totally master the primary function of the app, which is ... flawlessly rewarding you for your loyalty. Once that's perfected, then, we will do the Very same with other features that We plan to add To The App.
  11. Once you have registered, You will be taken to our 'Flagship Store' ... where you are encouraged to explore your newly found treasure.
  12. However ... You Ain't seen nothing yet. Fact is ... It's probably going to take a while to soak in the totality of what you have stumbled upon. Take Some Time And ... "Let It Swim Around In Your Brain For A Few Moments" ... as the 'Gecko' might say. This may very well turn out to be the most exciting thing to happen in your lifetime. that's my hope anyway!
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