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Roadmap To FreedomProprietary And Patented ... Generational Wealth Building ... Top Secret Methodology
"Proprietary And Patented ...
Generational Wealth Building
... Top Secret Methodology"
Here's How It Works
(Minus The Secret Sauce : - )
  • Every Dollar You Spend - Supports The Black Community
  • Own The Black Mall of America Collectively As A Co-Owner
  • Earn Black Gold Dynasty Tokens For Every Dollar You Spend
  • 40 Plus Stores To Shop Now & Hundreds More As We Grow
  • Creating Thousands Of "New Jobs" In The Black Community
  • One Simple App Allows Total Self Sufficiency Within 5 Years
  • Until You Achieve Economic Freedom - Nothing Else Matters
  • Beginning Of An Economic Revolution In America ... Join Us.
If Not Now ... When?
Introducing ...
Black Gold Dynasty
Custom Coded Loyalty Tokens
"State of The Art
Blockchain Encrypted And Immutable Loyalty Tokens
6 Easy Ways To Earn Tokens Daily
  1. Earn Tokens for Each Dollar You Spend At The Black Mall.
  2. Every Dollar You Spend - Supports The Black Community
  3. Own The Black Mall of America Collectively As Co-Owner
  4. Earn Black Gold Dynasty Tokens For Every Referral Made.
  5. Earn Tokens For Every Social Media Photo Post You Make
  6. Earn Tokens For Every Social Media Video Post You Make
How Easy Is That?
Plus ... Tokens Can Be Traded in Our NFT Gallery & Marketplace & Securely Stored & Protected For You ... On the Blockchain.
  1. Trade Secondary Market
  2. No Expiration Date Ever
  3. NFT's - La Digital Gallery
  4. #1 - Tamper Proof Assets
  5. Fast ... Safe ... Liquidity
  6. New Fractional Ownership
Run On ethereum classic
What Is Ethereum Classic?

What Is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic is an open-source, decentralized, blockchain-based, distributed cryptocurrency platform that runs smart contracts Based on the principle of 'Code is Law'. Smart Contracts are self-executing, autonomous, digital applications which are capable of running on their own as programmed.
LA Digital Gallery

Bankless Capital Funding
& Trust Company
You Can Have All Your Digital Assets Securely Stored And Protected For You On Our Safe, Immutable & Tamper Proof Blockchain.
We Provide Hassle Free Asset Management Services.



Black Gold Dynasty
NFT - Custom Coded Loyalty Tokens
1st Edition
Genisys Collection #1
(Only 100 Minted)
Generational Wealth Building Assets
"We Use A Uniquely Coded Algorithm And Blockchain To
Build Generational Wealth Designed to Compound Your
Assets With Warp-Drive Precision, Speed and Accuracy"
Secret Sauce + Magic Code + Methodology + Ideology
Weekly Bonuses
3 Easy Steps
Monthly Bonuses
Step #1
Register Free
  1. Get Your App From App Store
  2. Earn 100 Tokens To Register
  3. Support The Black Community
Step #2
Shop & Save
  1. Shop Black Mall of America
  2. Many Stores To Shop & Save
  3. Create Jobs - Black Community
Step #3
Earn Tokens
  1. One Token Per Dollar Spent
  2. Weekly & Monthly Bonuses
  3. Build Generational Wealth
Generational Wealth Building Assets
[STO's - NFT's - Hybrid - Blockchain Technology - Cryptocurrency]
"A Real Game Changer For Black America"
"Play Time Is Over - It's Time To Flip The Script"
"Pull Out Your Big Girl Panties & Get Ready To Rock"
Our Goal ...
One million new careers within 5 years or less
[Not Just Jobs ... But In-Demand Careers ... That You Choose]
Fast Action Bonuses
  • Earn 2 For 1 Tokens on All Your Purchases Q3-21
  • Earn 100 Tokens Just For Registering Free Today
  • Enter To Win One Million Tokens At Mega Jackpot
  • This Is The Beginning Of An Economic Revolution
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Let Us Teach You How To Fish
"Give A Man Or Woman Fish ... And They'll Eat For A Day Or Two ...
Teach Them How To Fish ... And They Will Eat For A Lifetime"
Our Mission
"Empowering 40 Million Black People In America ... To Buy From Black
Owned Businesses ... In Order To Achieve Real Economic Freedom ...
In America ... Within 5 Years Or Less ... Guaranteed"
"Grand Opening Coming Soon ... Stay Woke"
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